Happy Halloween 2018 from the
83 year old founder of Suddenly Slender!

Dear Friends, Decades ago, I pioneered Anti-Aging, Power and Body Lift Wraps AND I have been using them for years. DO THEY WORK? Frankly, I know I am onto something big. Remember that as an octogenarian, I don't wear glasses, don't have a hearing aid or and don't take ANY medications or drugs. I consumes about a cup of raw honey and a pound of butter a week along with a fairly usual eating practices. So it's not careful dieting. Please read my earlier blog items below to learn more about The Suddenly Slender Body Wrap.

What's the big deal about the Suddenly Slender wrap?

by Dr. Victoria Marie Morton, PhD

Did you know the rapid expansion of the entire body wrap market began with Suddenly Slender? Over the decades, Suddenly Slender salons grew in number and expanded internationally with over 15 million wraps done using our products. Was it our big advertising budget? NO, the company has traditionally never spent big bucks on advertising. Why have we grown, and why were we copied by every other body wrap start-up since the 1970's? After trying every other body wrap, personally, except for some that were just dangerous or stupid, I know why we've grown. Only one real reason for our growth: our stuff works with a guaranteed visible, measurable 10 to 30-inch reduction in THE FIRST WRAP. No one else can do that. The fact that it detoxifies the body is a bonus!

No other body wrap instructs their customers to wear in skin tight jeans, so tight they have to lay on the bed to zip them. Those customers, after only one wrap, slide into those jeans AND when they get their hands in the pockets they scream with happiness, they can't help it. You might think screams would be bad for a beauty business but they aren't. We hear screams when a girl with overly large calves can zip up her boots. We hear gasps when a woman notices her face is starting to look more like her daughters face instead of her own mothers. Many of our customers have half a closet full of clothing they can't begin to get into that are just too good to give away, and so the excitement a woman feels when she can start wearing them is contagious.

Another huge distinction is that we wrap the face (at no extra charge) when we wrap the body. We must! After five or six Suddenly Slender slimming body wraps, we found that if we didn't also wrap the face, you could see a young body and old face, or a slim body and a round face. The face must look proportionate with the body, and so we developed and still promote and use, a face wrapping technique not offered by most competitors. With the newer wraps by OTHER companies, it is not always possible to wrap the face. The Suddenly Slender system has a big advantage in that NO matter how many wraps you get, your face will never look disproportionate. What you lose with Suddenly Slender accumulates and stays off, and thus we can confidently sell packages for changing your appearance by one dress size, two dress sizes or even more.

The fact that our proprietary wrap solutions are so safe they are used on the most delicate facial skin should tell you that other company's solutions are not gentle enough to be used on the face. And if it can't be used on the face it shouldn't be used anywhere else. Skin is the largest organ of the body and you put an alkaline or harsh solution on it at your own peril. Suddenly Slender has NEVER, in 48 years had an allergic reaction and we never will due to the minerals we use and their purity. We could make our solution much cheaper if we were willing to take a chance on your health but we will never do that. Most of the other mineral formulas I have investigated use agricultural grade minerals which have lead, mercury, cadmium and other harmful substances in them. That's why they are so cheap. Our minerals are top quality to give you the best results.

We're a referral business. If you had a chubby friend who lost multiple dress sizes in a few weeks wouldn't you ask (beg) to know what she was doing? Of course, you would! If you had an older friend whose face and body kept looking younger wouldn't you want to know what she was doing so you could do it too? You couldn't help it! We make it easy for our customers to refer others for wraps by giving them a free wrap for every 4 new people they refer in. Our motto is: we'll change your body, we'll change your mind, we'll change your life.

Much love, Victoria Marie, Doctor of Biological Science

The History of the Body Wrap Industry

Hi! I was where you are now 48 years ago. Nothing got the inches off of me from my waist to my knees. Diet, exercise, nothing worked. I was a water-retainer and chemical diuretics were not the answer. Boy, did I get a rude awakening after I had my 4th child! After the first three babies, my body just snapped back into place, no problems. I am embarrassed to say that I had no sympathy for the women who complained about how tough it was to get back in shape after having a baby. Well, after my fourth child, I TOTALLY understood what they were talking about!

I tried everything that wasn't totally insane and nothing worked. I could diet, very successfully, and lose weight off of my arms, face, and bustline (where I sure didn't want to lose) but nothing came off the waist to knees. These were my worst problem areas and are most women's major problem areas. I stopped short of doing the "Hot Wax Dip" that was advertised after I read an article about it burning someone. During a hot wax dip, the client was put in a sling chair suspended from the ceiling, dressed in thin cheesecloth-like underwear and repeatedly dipped into the hot wax. This was done until the client had been 'candled' in a thick cocoon of wax, left in the wax until after it cooled totally, and then the wax was peeled. I had been about to try it but decided, "Fat and burned? I don't think so!" Looking back now, I realize that process would have left your skin very nice but inches lost would have been from dehydration.

I couldn't just give up but I was so tempted to at that point. A few days later, I saw an article about a body wrap and decided to try it. I was measured, stripped to my underwear and had wet cloth strips applied firmly from my midriff to my ankles. Then, I lay on a table covered in plastic for over an hour. When I was remeasured, I had lost a 1/2 inch in a few places and 1/4 inch in others. The total was about 5 inches, but at last, I had found something that was working! I bought a series of wraps and began noticing that the same 1/2 inch was coming off the same spot! I was just being dehydrated and nothing was staying off; all I'd really lost was my time and money! Another clue about being dehydrated was how thirsty I became. Drat! This wasn't working BUT I liked the concept. I felt that there must be a wrap formula that would take meaningful inches off that stayed off!

I am an inventor from a family of artists and inventors. My grandmother and Norman Rockwell's grandmother were sisters and I found to my surprise that we have more inventors and artists in our family than any other family on the planet! Well, I wasn't going to quit until I had a formula that would do what I needed! I thought, "Hey if I'm not a great artist maybe I can become a great inventor!" I spent a lot of time investigating the qualities of different minerals (I did not look at chemicals or drugs because I wanted something safe). I wasn't willing to sacrifice my health as I had four children to care for.

So, I mixed formula after formula and somewhere along the line some of my friends got interested and volunteered to be my guinea pigs. Here they were in my kitchen, the wrapped person standing up because I didn't have room for a table. There they were with mineral-wet clothes being applied to their bodies, formula after formula, with little or no results. One day, I mixed up some "'new stuff" and wrapped a friend the usual way. Twenty minutes into her wrap, the clothes I had put so firmly around her thighs, had slid down to form a puddle around her ankles. I put on another set, very tightly, and told her not to move around so much. Fifteen minutes later, the wet clothes were again around her ankles. I knew she had stayed fairly still, so movement couldn't have been the reason. I scooped up the wet clothes, put them in the washer and took a good look at her thighs. They looked different! I got the original measurement card, re-measured her thighs and they had gone down over 2" on each upper thigh measurement, 1 and 1/2 inch on the mid-thigh measurement and over an inch on the above the knee measurement. We just looked at each other stunned! Wow!

She got on the phone with the other 'guinea pigs' and soon my kitchen was full of excited women who wanted to try the newest formula: the thirteenth formula. This is the mineral combination we still use today: our SlenderTone Powder. I was instantly in business. Each woman who tried the wrap had a mother, a sister, or a friend who wanted to be wrapped.

I had a problem, though, as I had to figure out a way to keep the bandages in position on their bodies as they slimmed down in their wrap. I started using stretchy Ace-type bandages that could be stretched and applied very firmly and would not fall off. As women slimmed, I developed techniques that could actually 'sculpt' the body. It was an exciting time!

The next big hurdle was the face! I walked into my shop one morning to find five or six women sitting, waiting to be wrapped. They had all been wrapped several times by then, and I noticed something VERY odd about them all! They looked like those big-headed dolls you see in the back of car windows! They were not proportionate face to body. My first thought was "they are going to kill me if they spot this before I can fix it!" I went quietly mad for a week trying to figure out how to slim the face along with the body for heavier women and how to tighten up the skin on the face of the slimmer, older women. I tried sewing different straps and masks but that didn't work. After many test face wraps, I finally settled on a technique for wrapping the face which we use to this day. Because of the gentleness of the mineral formula, we were able to use the same formula we use on the body and it was a new wrapping technique that handled the problem. We gave all the clients this 'face wrap' at no extra charge and we "evened out" our clientele. Not one of them had spotted this! Whew!

Well, now we are over 15,000,000 wraps done worldwide! If I had a way to contact those long-lost friends from 1969, 46 years ago, I would love to do something wonderful for them!

I guess I don't need to tell you that the wrap formula and wrapping techniques that I invented handled my "baby" problem and I have a better figure now, in my 70's, than I had all those years ago. I don't have cellulite (which I had in my early 30's). I've probably, over the years, had more wraps than anyone else on the planet. At first, I got wrapped twice a week until I hit my size and measurement goals, then a wrap every couple of months for maintenance and detox. A few times over the decades, If I'd gained weight, I would go back on the twice a week schedule until I hit my weight and measurement goals again. My amazing talent at putting on weight quickly caused me to invent some things to help get weight off quickly and safely, such as the Poundzzz spray, Appetite Spray, my No-Diet Diet (Carb Stoppers plus Fat Stoppers) and the wonderful wrap additive, Pro Blend I Slim. I know how quickly weight can get away from a person, so I've made it easy to get it off. Dieting alone doesn't get the results one needs, as wrapping keeps skin tight and inch loss in the areas where one wants to look slimmer. You don't have to diet until you're flat-chested to have slim thighs!

This has been an interesting journey, I've learned a lot. Probably the most surprising thing was to learn how wonderful women really are.  You can help personal self-esteem just by assisting women to look slimmer and more sculpted, as we do. All women tend to tie in our feelings of self-worth with our appearance. We really shouldn't, but we do. Fortunately, we now have a proper way to keep the body in great shape. I've found personally that the body functions best in an aesthetically pleasing shape, as getting wrapped regularly seems to have assisted me in being a healthy, active septuagenarian.

We, here at Suddenly Slender, have a saying "we'll change your body, we'll change your mind, we'll change your life!"

Much love,