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Shopkeepers Package

Shopkeepers Package

Our Shopkeepers Package are Wholesale Priced Packages that were created to help a business owner get into the body wrap business quickly and economically. You receive:

  • 10 bags of mineral powder, 2 types, 30 lbs

  • 3 bottles of Wrap Concentrates, 3 types

  • 6 different bottles of ProBlend Additives so you can customize each wrap to handle your client's particular problems

  • 50 high quality, latex-free bandages

  • 2 Nature's Waters sprays

  • Mineral Magic+ drink

  • Mixing jugs

  • Basting bottles

  • Special laundry solution for bandages

  • Measuring tape

  • Measuring spoon

  • Ponchos

  • Poly drip bags

  • 2 training videos and your Training Manual.

Everything you need to immediately deliver Suddenly Slender Wraps is included, and the training videos and manual have been designed to get you up to speed quickly. You can deliver 50+ full body wraps. The national average cost is  $125.00-$200.00 per wrap, while our Lipase wrap command a higher price.

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Suddenly Slender Body Wrap

How We Got Started

For over 48 years, Suddenly Slender body wraps have been used to beautify and sculpt body shape for both women and men. The Founder/Inventor, Victoria Morton, was the first to develop compression mineral body wraps. The industry has grown and there are several types of body wraps available now, however, the first is still the best!

Victoria invented slimming body wraps to bring back her own body shape after five children and she found herself instantly in business! Everyone had something they want perfected about their body and/or face! She told friends and family, who then demanded to try her mineral compression body wrap method. Word of mouth grew her methods into a business that spread like wildfire.

Why has Suddenly Slender's original formula and application technique been copied by every other mineral body wrap start-up since the 1970's? There is only one real reason for our growth: our stuff works. The fact that it detoxifies the body is a bonus!

For more information on the company from Victoria Morton herself, click here. You will open a blog page that explains the whole story.

The Next Step

Everyone has something that can be perfected about their body and/or face! Using elastic bandages bathed in a pure, organic mineral solution, so gentle we use it on the face, we peel off years and sizes. YOU say where you want to lose, where you want tighter skin and how old you want to look and we'll get you there with a series of slimming body wraps!

Fill out the contact form for information on professional wraps done in spas and salons or do-it-yourself body wraps. Do body wraps work? We look forward to talking with you!


As testimony to her own invention, Ms. Morton has a better figure now, almost five decades later, than she did at 34 years of age. Mother of five, grandmother of eight and great-grandmother of one, Ms. Morton resides in Safety Harbor, FL. She is listed in Who's Who In Executives and Businesses and the Who's Who for Outstanding Women in Florida. She is currently 81 years young, healthy and fully involved in the business of empowering women and men with careers they can truly enjoy with a business that can be run from a professional location, a home location, or even as a mobile business.

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The longer you wait, the further you are getting from your goal. Make the commitment to appear more slender.

The SlenderTone wrap assists clients to visibly tighten, tone, and reshape the body! It can be used for all age groups. In our salons, we ask women to wear in a pair of jeans so tight they have to lay on the bed to zip them and men to wear a shirt so tight it gaps between the buttons. Every Patron sees the visible improvement in measurements and in the mirror but when their clothes fit more loosely after a wrap, that hits home!