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Wrap at Home (Detox Kit)

Wrap at Home (Detox Kit)
   Want to experience a Suddenly Slender mineral body wrap with no location near you.
Here's you chance to have the same quality wrap in the privacy of your own home.

What's included in you box.
  • Gold water 2oz (Loose inches and help detox your body)
  • Flat Tummy 2oz (aids in metabalising sugar's)
  • Super Atomic Iodine & Kelp (sea kelp to help with Thyroidle issues)
  • Slendertone Trace Minerals ( Containg the best macro and micro minerals to help the body)
  • Cell Reduce Spray 8oz (spray on the problem areas)
  • 12 Elastic Bandages (Latex Free)
  • Poncho,measuring spoon and basting bottle complete with hand and foot bags.
  • DVD & Training mnauel.

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