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Weight Loss at Home Bodywrap Kit

Weight Loss at Home Bodywrap Kit
Regular Price449
YES, WE'VE DONE IT! The new WEIGHT LOSS WRAP not only takes off pounds
IN THE WRAP but they
continue to lose weight for a couple of days after.
The reports we get say diets start working as well.
AND YES, you get even
better results! 
There are 4 parts to this wonderful formula
  1. The Ultimate Wrap Concentrate
  2. Universal Wrap Additive 
  3. SlenderTone powder
  4. Electro Chem Shield. 
We've put together an affordable package so you can do this in the privacy of your home. 

Obviously, if a Suddenly Slender center is in your area. you want the pros to deliver this, click the Shop 
Locator button on the home page to find the closest one. But if you aren't lucky enough to have one near, 
here's your chance to go into the following months with a much slimmer, better shaped, younger-looking  and toned body.  

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