Don’t Take Our Word for It

These are the results our satisfied clients have achieved with Suddenly Slender.


After 20 Body Wraps!

Emiliyan Gikovski

Lost 80 pounds in 33 weeks

What circumstances contributed to your weight gain and how was your life affected?

Generally eating at the wrong times of the day, a weakness for sweets, and dropping off of my exercise routine. I was feeling very lethargic and generally low in motivation.

Had you tried other types of weight loss in the past, and what were the results?

Yes, several methods. Unfortunately, I always reverted back to old habits.

What was your compelling reason to finally decide to take action?

Really just heading in the wrong direction with my health and fitness and really wanted to get back on track before I turned 40.

How easy was the program to follow and fit in with your lifestyle?

Pretty easy – We generally ate ok most of the time and getting used to reducing the carb intakes (bread, pasta, rice) wasn’t too hard. Picking up on exercise was also the key!

What impact has your weight loss had on your health and wellbeing?

Major! I’m healthier, fitter, and more energetic. Allowing me to wrestle, play, chase and compete against my children.

Why do you think you are able to succeed this time round?

Perhaps because the program doesn’t suggest taking away all the food you like. Just controlling the intake. Also the guidance my consultant gave was invaluable. I will definitely recommend it to others!


Lost 97 pounds in 22 weeks

Prior to joining the weight loss programme I was a couch potato and enjoyed being lazy and eating too much.

Then when I was part of the way into the program I began to do some exercise (walking) because I was being encouraged to do something to tone my body which was by now looking a lot slimmer. I was very successful being able to lose 97 pounds in 22 weeks and I was not hungry with the interesting and tasty menu selections given to me. Amazingly, I have kept the weight off for over 6 months now!!


Lost 44 pounds in 12 weeks

I was on the slimming program for 12 weeks and lost 44 pounds.  I now feel energetic. Everyone at home enjoyed the meals that I was cooking because the program offers a wide selection of foods.  My new passion that I enjoy is shopping for new clothes.  I frequent the shops that I would have previously avoided due to them not stocking my size.  Now I don’t have to worry any more.

Vicki Salisbury

Lost 74 pounds in 11 months

For her 60th birthday, Vicki determined, she would celebrate not just her birthday but also the occasion of having achieved her goal weight. Having tried various diets since the age of 13, Vicki was aware that losing the weight was not a simple task. Both Vicki and her husband David enrolled in the slimming programme. Overtime, Vicki and her husband found changing their diet easier stayed on the programme for 11 months. Amazingly, Vicki lost 74 pounds during this time, and was even able to travel overseas for a month of holidaying without gaining a gram!

Just as she told herself that she would, by her 60th birthday Vicki was thrilled about what she had achieved, and felt “so proud because I looked better, felt younger and became fitter than I had in 20 years”. Vicki’s present to herself included a life with more energy, a better immune system, better moods and much less aches and pains. “My legs used to ache so badly I would just go to sleep, but that has all disappeared,” she says. “I run rings around most of the women younger than me and everyone can’t believe the change in me. I look and feel great.” Not only has she lost the weight, Vicki has gained a new career: she has now completed her yoga teaching certification, which along with her own daily yoga practice, walking and gym sessions, has helped her to keep moving and physically active to maintain her weight and fitness.

Noreen Magno

Lost 16.5 pounds in 5 weeks

Through the years, I had developed weight related medical conditions such as elevated liver function, fatty liver, high cholesterol level, high blood sugar level, gallstones, lower back pain due to osteoarthritis and sleep apnoea.

For many years, I tried to lose weight on my own with regular exercise and by restrictive diet. I also joined a couple of weight loss programs. Unfortunately, there was minimal weight loss since I had trouble sustaining the diet for longer than two weeks. After a painful gallstone attack, I decided to start again. I wanted to improve my health and wish to be back to my ideal weight when I turn 50 next year.

After my initial consultation with my consultant, I immediately signed up to commence a 5 week weight loss program. It was easy to follow. I was able to sustain the diet because I did not experience hunger pain, headache, no feeling of food deprivation and the temptation to eat other food outside of the plan is minimal. I was always full of energy. My consultant monitored and encouraged me regularly.

On the third week of the programme, my lower back pain has eased. I feel great that I was able to lose so much in such a short period without much struggle. The best part of it is the fact that this weight loss program improved my health tremendously as shown by my blood test results. Another bonus is that my sleeping problem has diminished.

I learnt to make healthy food choices with the right portion. I am confident that I can continue to practice and follow the principle of healthy eating for a long term weight loss.

I have never stopped talking about the program since I lost more than 4 pounds on my first week. I have been recommending the program because I know it works. I have completed the program with minimal challenge and achieved an outstanding outcome, If I did it, I am sure anyone can do it too.